Psychologists Warn Parents Not To Let Your Children Watch Peppa Pig






Spoilt kids, a bullied husband, an antagonistic father-in-law and a mother in need of Prozac… it might sound like a new family on EastEnders’ Albert Square, but it’s actually Britain’s most influential family – Peppa Pig and her herd.

She stamps her feet, bullies her brother, makes fun of her parents, falls out with her friends, whinges when she loses, pokes out her tongue and generally displays copious amounts of antisocial behaviour.

So when I read about three-year-old Amari Black earlier this week, whose malfunctioning Peppa Pig toy from Argos was spouting swear words, I couldn’t help feeling it was merely a natural progression from Peppa’s on-screen presence.

Yet so popular is the four-time Bafta-winning cartoon that it’s overtaken Thomas The Tank Engine as Britain’s top-selling pre-school character and this month made it to the big screen for the first time.

Peppa has even managed to succeed where Cheryl Cole failed by cracking America, despite her inferior wardrobe. The programme has seven-day-a-week status on American kids’ channel Nick Jr and a Fisher Price deal, which is transforming the brand into a billion-pound money-spinner.

You’d be hard pushed to find a small child in the country who can’t name Peppa and her baaing, woofing and neighing crew – and my two-year-old daughter Tamara (following in the footsteps of my son now five and daughter, six) is no exception.

In truth, I’ve actively encouraged Peppa mania. I’ve bought the DVDs (as an emergency back up for the 55 episodes recorded on Sky Plus), read the books, made the birthday cake, bought the pyjamas (and slippers and dressing gown and toothbrush), downloaded the app and we’ve even been to the ‘World’ (at Paulton’s Park in the New Forest).

01Peppa Pig (in red) who stamps her feet and pokes out her tongue, pictured with her dysfunctional herd: Daddy Pig is bullied by his family, Mummy Pig is so moody it takes an entire episode for her to crack a smile, (which is so shocking the rest of the family falls over) and George Pig, who wails when he doesn’t get his way

But recently I realised that the tone of my daughter’s new fake cry was eerily similar to George Pig’s frequent ‘waaaah’ – and had developed simultaneously with her interest in the little pig.

When I started to think about it, it wasn’t the first time I’d noticed Peppa Pig’s influence on my children’s behaviour.

It reminded me of an incident from when my oldest was three. After the usual tug-of-war over a dolly with a friend, she shoved her hands on her hips and declared, ‘I don’t want to play with you anymore!’ To which Lilly blurted out, ‘I don’t want to play with you anymore!’.

It was a live rendition of Peppa and Suzy Sheep’s argument in the episode called ‘The Quarrel’. And on the lips of my three-year-old it sounded even more unpleasant than on screen.

The girls were totally unaware of their plagiarism, but this dialogue had become etched in both their minds as a template of how friends interact.

in truth, the only thing surprising thing this revelation that Peppa Pig is perhaps not the best influence on my children is that I actually found it surprising. After all, if you look past the cute theme tune, the humour and the belly-laugh ending, there’s little denying that Peppa Pig is terribly behaved.

26346EE600000578-0-image-a-1_1425208532550Amari Black’s parents are horrified when some of the three-year-old’s first words were ‘f*** you’, which they say he picked up from this Peppa Pig toy

If she were at nursery with my daughter, she wouldn’t be invited home for play-dates and the rest of the family aren’t exactly The Waltons either.

Mummy Pig is so moody it takes the entire episode for her to finally crack a smile, which is so shocking it makes the rest of the family fall over.

Then there’s the way she bullies Daddy Pig, bossing him about relentlessly and making him feel fat and useless. Then there’s Daddy Pig, who’s fat and useless, and George, who’s quite sweet, but if he carries on hanging out with Peppa, will soon grow out of it. Plus Grandpa Pig, who knows it all, and lets his poor son-in-law know it.

So as of tomorrow, I will be banning Peppa Pig from my house. It might take a while to ween out the merchandise but Peppa’s whining antics will no longer be given a platform in my living room.

Am I being over-protective with my censorship? Does this put me in the dreaded ‘helicopter’ category of parenting? I put the question to educational and child psychologist Hannah Abrahams for a quick reality check.

04BBD589000005DC-2966958-image-a-1_1425374580522Peppa Pig (in red centre) with her brother George Pig (in blue centre) with her family and friends. Back row from left: Grandpa Pig, Grandma Pig, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig; Middle row from left: Cousin Chloe, Danny Dog, Candy Cat, Emily Elephant and Zoe Zebra; Front row from left: Rebecca and Richard Rabbit, Suzy Sheep and Pedro Pony

‘If you find your daughter is emulating negative elements of Peppa Pig then don’t put her in front of it,’ she says simply.

‘Children that age don’t differentiate between fantasy and reality. A two-year-old thinks if Peppa Pig pokes her tongue when she’s angry, for example, I’ll poke my tongue out when I’m angry.’

And of course it’s not only two-year old’s who are sucked in by what they see on screen: ‘You see the affect of television on children of all ages,’ says Hannah.

‘Research has found time and time again that programmes displaying aggression or violence encourage that behaviour in children – especially when they’re at school.

‘We are seeing a tendency towards aggressive, antisocial behaviour in response to cartoons like Horrid Henry, who is a rude aggressive disobedient cartoon character.

‘And it’s been found characters, like Barbie for example, shape children’s ideas about body images and gender stereotypes from the age of five.’

Hannah believes everything – including TV – needs to be done in moderation and says TV and screen time needs to be regulated with all children.

‘You can’t stop children watching TV altogether – and some children need downtime just as adults do – but you can take control.

‘We can all use TV as a tool and it can be for the positive too – to discuss life experiences.

‘So if your child does end up watching Peppa Pig and stars mimicking George Pig’s wail, you can say: ‘You’re being a bit like Peppa Pig but perhaps what you’re trying to say is that it’s not fair. Eventually you want your children to be able to label their own emotions.

‘Use TV to expand their emotional literacy,’ Hannah adds.

So why have I been blinkered enough to allow this family to infiltrate my home and influence my children’s malleable young minds? I confess it might have something to do with the fact that I find it pretty watchable.

I’d certainly take Peppa Pig on Channel 5 over Jeremy Kyle over on ITV for my morning TV dose any day of the week. Who hasn’t stifled a giggle at one of Daddy Pig’s classics?

When he studies the instructions to build Peppa and George’s toy cupboard, then proclaims with utter certainty, ‘It’s no use, it’s nonsense!’, it makes me chuckle every time, as do his frequent declarations, ‘What a stroke of luck!’ at the very least lucky of moments.

And even though I know it’s coming, it’s still amusing when Mrs Rabbit pops up showcasing yet another new talent – to add to her experience as a dental nurse, school bus driver, hot-air-balloon pilot, ice-cream seller, shoe fitter, supermarket cashier, museum curator, recycling plant operator, Christmas tree seller and ice-skating attendant.

And judging by the dad at Peppa Pig World, who decided to stay on the balloon ride ferris wheel, despite his two-year-old daughter being whisked off by mum with last-minute jitters, I’m not the show’s only fan over the age of five.

But of course Peppa and George’s main appeal is that my children love them and while they’re creating mischief on screen, there’s blissful calm in the real world.

Five minutes of guaranteed time out during a 12-hour shift with three kids can feel like a two-week holiday to Hawaii. But I’d be foolish to ignore the fact that if my children grow up like Peppa, it’ll be a life sentence.

Sadly though, the dysfunctional Pigs are no worse than many other British TV creations. Ben and Holly on Channel Five are being raised by Nanny Plum, so dour and sarcastic she makes Jack Dee look like he’s high.

That Little Princess (star of her own show, also on Channel Five) is in serious need of some etiquette lessons. And don’t even get me started on the grammatically abhorrent Lola, sister to the ever-patient Charlie over on BBC.

Why are we Brits so intent on creating anti-role models for our kids? Flick to an American show and you’ll find Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer and Handy Manny falling over themselves to do good.

It’s not that they don’t recognise naughtiness – I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Dora’s nemesis Swiper – but it’s not celebrated as it is with our homegrown characters.

Dora never stamps her feet no matter how many mountains and rivers she has to navigate in the space of 24 minutes and you’ll never catch Mickey Mouse in a bad mood either.

It’s not all one way – we have our Postman Pat and Thomas the Tank Engine, and they’ve created the vile SpongeBob SquarePants — but over here the purely sweet programmes are losing popularity in favour of a newer, edgier type of show.

I’m not suggesting we lose our fabulously cynical British sense of humour, but at pre-school age shouldn’t our children’s role-models be caring, patient and considerate — attributes seriously lacking in our nation’s favourite flawed piggy heroine?

Despite the backlash this might cause in my household, I know the answer is yes. So tomorrow, the rehab begins.

It might be the end of Hawaiian holidays in the middle of my day and I’ll have to be quicker in the shower, but I’m hoping that less of the pigs and more of the mouse or postman will turn my daughter into a better little people.

No more dine-saw ‘grrrr’s, jumping in muddy puddles or recitals of Madame Gazelle’s Bing Bong Song – oh, how it’s going to hurt – but I can’t help thinking it’ll be worth it in the end.

Police say KSU student threatened to kill classmates







A Kennesaw State University student is not allowed back on campus after police said he attacked students and threatened to kill everyone in his class.

Police told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson this whole incident took place inside the science and math building on campus.

According to the arrest warrant, 19-year-old Samuel Friedman, attacked one student and sexually harassed a female student in a math class Tuesday afternoon.

During that class, he also allegedly said “I am going to marinate on the thought of killing you all.”

“I don’t know how i would handle it as a student,” student Alexis Wall-Raven said.

The arrest warrant Johnson obtained said parents “have expressed concerns that they fear for the safety of their children.”

It also says “KSU professors have cancelled scheduled classes” in case Friedman came back.

Johnson spoke with a student who was in the class Tuesday and the student said Friedman just walked out after making threats.

“For it to be at your school is very scary,” student Fernanda Bonilla said. “Ever since like, recent events I’ve been more aware but now that this is happening on this campus, it’s just like, it’s scary.”

Kennesaw State police arrested Friedman at his Roswell home Thursday and Friedman bonded out of jail Friday afternoon.

A judge ordered that he stay away from campus as part of his bond agreement.

“Any second that can happen, just to be aware of your surroundings at all time is the best thing to do,” student Ta’Bijah Taylor said.

The Most TOXIC Zodiac Couples

Being in a relationship has taught me the value of the most important thing, which is even above love and personal space and i.e. ‘compatibility’. There are times, when even in the midst of lot of love and passion, things turn sour between two loving individuals and it’s because they fail to get along.

This may sound ridiculous, but it’s true. Not all relationships fallout due to lack of love, some never reach their rosy end because both the sides failed to let go of their egos.

Compatibility is all about understanding each other’s need and acknowledging it in the first place. They agree to disagree on many issues and decisions with a mutual intention to respect either’s choice.

Toxic couples

You may often come across couples, who despite being together for years and putting in their heart and soul, struggle to keep their relation uptight. Even though they love each other and can’t bear to be a minute apart, their consistent quarrels and fights make others around them go crazy. Which makes us wonder, why are they even together?

Zodiac elements and relationship

Every individual has a unique personality and these traits are hugely influenced by their astrological stars. Astrology explains that the balanced combinations of four elements- fire, water, air and earth, decide the course of life; and therefore the zodiac signs compatibility rule the fate of any relationship.

There are certain zodiac signs, which brew extreme toxicity when they come together. Take a look at these 6 Most Toxic Zodiac Combinations…

Leo and Cancer

This couple with dynamic chemistry never find a good end to their association. While Cancerians look forward to having a soulful, deep and outwardly connection with their partner, Leo’s persistent insecurity wreaks havoc to their loving sanctity.

Leo’s extreme emotional variation; flipping from being kind and caring, at one moment, to being unnecessarily critical in next, puts off Cancerians. Cancerians being the non-brutal ones take all this to their heart and transmit anger as their defense mechanism, which eventually cut the roots of their relationship.

Capricorn and Aquarius

Both these zodiacs are known for their determination and this is what attracts them to each other (and also tears them apart). While Capricorns are the emotional investors, Aquarians drive their relationship with practicality.

This kind of arrangement at one point turns Aquarians to being the dominant one, leaving Capricorns gasping for sustaining their value in the relationship. Eventually, their determining approach to correct each other either kicks start a brutal fight or they dust it under the carpet, which one day piles up and one of them falls out after tripping over it.

Virgo and Gemini

Life can either be dreamy or be lived off practically, it can never co-exist for long; same as in the case of Virgo and Gemini dating each other. While Geminis are the dreamy ones, Virgos are emotionally detached and look out for practical ways out.

Their relationship will never work as Virgos will easily walk out, leaving behind a broken-hearted Gemini to fend for self, if desperate times call for it. In simple terms, Virgos would eventually start resenting Geminis for cocooning themselves in their dreams, while they are working out on to carry the burden of sustaining their relationship.

Libra and Taurus

They are like mirrors; they are so similar to each other and connected as if it telepathy that at first it seems a blissful ride, but later leaves them gasping for their individuality. This is why, their relationship never works out. They both love and adore each other, and simply can’t bear the thought of being away for too long.

Taurean’s stubbornness and Libra’s desperation to be and feel ‘right’ all the times, pins the final nail in the coffin. They know and understand each other so much that their expectations from each other rise high, which are mutually never catered to.

Scorpio and Pisces

This is a deadly combination, as both the zodiacs are extremely emotional, highly suspicious off each other. Scorpios are reckless when it comes to expressing their love for Pisces, who is an emotionally-oriented personality.

Their poles apart personalities that once ignited the fire of passion between them soon burns off everything, leaving nothing, but ashes to mourn on. Pisces roots for space, while scorpion’s suspecting nature suffocates their love and trust.

Sagittarius and Cancer

These two zodiac signs should literally never come too close, especially not for a relationship. While Cancerians believe in and appreciate the ‘delayed milestone’ approach in life, Sagittarians being challengers, run out of patience with their partners.

Sagittarians look forward to catching up with rapidly changing times, whereas Cancerians are unaffected by the changing world around them. For Sagittarians connecting sexually holds the ultimate values, while Cancerians want to connect emotionally; and this opposing concoction of relationship priorities ultimately cost them their relationship.

Source: speakingtree







All women have the beauty and sensuality to drive men crazy, but according to astrologist’s women in this Zodiac sign in particular have the power to lure any man with their magnetism. This causes an addiction similar to a drug. Her enchanting charm makes every man crazy. Women in this Zodiac sign are compared with goddesses and angels, a true epitome of beauty. Her psychic abilities allow her to uncover any mask anyone is holding in front of her. Are you this mysterious sign?


Her love is very mysterious, and she can lure any man and enchant him with her beauty. This intense and ultra feminine sign is twelfth in the Zodiac of the horoscope ruled by the planet Neptune and brings feminine energy to women in Pisces.

Her love can be so intoxicating and intense that causes her to be bitter-sweet at times. Even if you parted ways with her, she will always be in the back of your mind as the one who got away. Her easygoing spirit makes her flow with the water. When she looks in your eyes, you freeze and forget what’s happening around you.


She bares deep wisdom and understands her partners to another capacity which distinguishes her from all the other Zodiac signs. If you’re in this sign the you certainly understand this better than anyone. She has an ability to understand without hearing an explanation and loves unconditionally, making it impossible to not be addicted to her.


She’s known to act more and speak less. Pisces women generally are attracted to men who appear strong on the outside. She often does small seductive things that drives men crazy, from letting her hair down from a ponytail to touching someones hand unexpectedly at a party. These things make men addicted slowly to her. While she does like a long and steady relationship, Pisces women know to have short romantic flings and affairs from time to time. It’s really hard for them to avoid this because romance is in their soul.


Pisces is the final sign in the Zodiac and represents the highest conscious state of human evolution. Her free spirit transcends the illusion of the material world and teaches us to unify the greater things in life. Similar to the serpent biting its own tail, which represents the infinite spiritual life, Pisces represents the same thing.

It unifies all of the characteristics of the 11 Zodiac signs that come before it,which makes Pisces a cocktail of all of the Zodiac signs. One trait that distinguishes the Pisces woman is her level of sensitivity and having learned the lessons of all 11 signs (and hers as well, too).  Being eternally romantic is in their nature. Which means they never fall short in the romantic department because it’s vital for them. She loves to be wined and dined. Her old soul loves to be taken out to the theater or ballet.

25 Ways Cancers Love Differently





1. We don’t let you get away with shit. Cancers are extremely intuitive—psychic, even—so we always know when you’re up to no good. Don’t bother convincing us otherwise—we see right through you.

2. Our “crabs’ shells” lend themselves to tenacious character. We may be over-emotional, but we’re also tough as fuck. An ostensibly benign fight may make us bawl like babies, but we know how to harden up when all’s said and done.

3. But, yeah, we’re sensitive. Very sensitive. So sensitive, in fact, that we feel we have to emote for the both of us. If you’re a balanced, impervious Libra, for example, we’ll often feel we have to emit ~feeling~ for two, which can be exhausting. But we can’t help it—us water signs, baby. We’ve got some leaden emotions.

4. If you hurt us, though, we’ll retreat into our shells—we’ll shut down. A wounded Cancer is an insular Cancer, indeed.

5. More often than not, our emotionality is a virtue. But, on bad days, our hypersensitivity gets the best of us, and we’re left overanalyzing/overreacting to every little thing you say and do.

6. We’re suspicious imaginative. Hypersensitivity breeds jealousy, and we’re seriously prone to feeling green.

7. We’re manipulative persuasive. We’re in touch with our desires, and we know how to get you on the same page.

8. We’re very romantic, and our fanciful love thoughts are often all too starry-eyed. We want a deep, lasting, passionate, devastating love. We want a Carrie and Mr. Big love.

9. Like a crab, when we feel threatened, we pinch—we can be seriously clingy. If we feel vulnerable around you, rather than distance ourselves or give you the space you may need, we’ll latch onto you even tighter.

10. And our shells, you’ll notice, are hard to crack (at first). We’re self-protective and defensive, so it takes us a while to lean into love.

11. Once we do, though, we’re all in. We love for keeps.

12. Underneath those hard, protective exoskeletons exist highly vulnerable people. Proceed with tact.

13. So we’re never the first to make a move. Despite our hard demeanor, we’re secretly terrified of rejection.

14. In virtually every other situation, though, we like to take charge. We’re highly opinionated, and we’ll never let you call the shots.

15. We’re mooooooody. Mucho moody. (Pro tip: you’ll never win by saltily identifying our sore moods. Just let ’em pass.)

16. We’re hella loyal. Once you’re in, you’re in.

17. …Seriously. We’ll do anything for you, because carefully nurturing our loved ones brings us unique joy.

18. So, when you’re having a bad day, you can pour all your anxiety, nerves, and negativity into us—we’ll gladly digest them into positive vibrations. It’s what we do.

19. We’re creative and expressive. We know how to articulate exactly how we’re feeling, and we don’t hold back.

20. We prioritize family and the home, so you’ll always be at the top of our to-do list. If you’re important to us, you’ll always be the most important thing. Nothing comes between us and the people we really love.

21. We don’t take well to criticism. You’ll find that we often overreact to anything less than loving praise—that’s just because our shells mask some seriously deep-seated insecurities. Bear with us. Once we really trust you, we’ll lighten up.

22. The “no criticism” thing applies to you too, though. We’re super protective of our loved ones, and we do not take kindly to outsiders’ criticism. If someone even thinks about tearing you down, we’ll bite. Hard.

23. We’re uncomfortable with strangers and unfamiliar situations, so the best way to put us at ease is to love us at home (or, at least, give us one of our favorite meals).

24. But we’re highly adaptable. Before we can really adjust to those strangers and unfamiliar situations, our shells allow us to exude false confidence, which often translates into the real thing.

25. We’re empathetic. However you’re suffering, we’ll do our very best to make you feel loved and secure. You can always cry on a Cancer’s shoulder.

A Test Done By A Renowned Psychologist! Choose A Feather & Discover Your Hidden Personality

When we are given the option to choose between different shapes and colors, we don’t always choose the same things. The different color and shapes we choose determines our personality, even if we aren’t aware of it.

Psychologists use this test to help determine personalities. In this article, we’ve chosen to include the 6-feather test. Depending of the structure, shape, size and color — you can choose which feather attracts you the most. Once you’ve discovered your favorite feather, you can read below more information about your personality.


Orange feather #1

This feather reveals that you’re highly creative and imaginative. Not only that, but you seem to possess a very strong character. In fact it’s so strong, that you may come off as ‘bossy’. What really drives you is pursuing your dreams effectively. You often get disappointed in people because you have higher expectations set for them. It’s hard for you to realize that not everyone’s a go-getter like yourself. What’s important is that you have the will-power and strength to gather your energy together and continue chasing your goals.

Purple feather #2

You are a person full of energy and have an extraordinary learning capacity. Your friends have always wondered how you’re always able to learn even the most complex things so simply. Your longing to learn may affect you in a bad way, too. You often feel lonely. Your hunger and drive to constantly learn affect your personal relationships, as you don’t devote much of your time to them. But the people that truly know you are aware of this and support you through anything. Keep these people close to you.

Yellow feather #3

People that choose this feather are known for being explosive. If you chose this feather then you have the ability to undertake multiple projects and tasks. You’re more interested in being busy and feeling productive with multiple projects rather than achieving them. This is why you seem diffused and all over the place. Of course handling many project gives you satisfaction and the journey to success itself motivates you.

Pink feather #4

While many people choose their own paths to success, you seek common interest and combine your energy with someone else to achieve goals. For instance, you can form allies and help someone because you know that you’ll succeed as well. You respect people and always try to be in harmony with them, rather than just going on your own path. You believe that helping other people will help you too.

Black feather #5

You’re a person with a very creative character, that many notice. Your artistic capabilities help you express your unique creative traits. You can paint, writ2e or sculpt the most authentic piece of work anyone has ever seen. Also, you should learn to trust yourself more. By doing so, it’ll reflect in your work and you’ll be able to show other people what you’re worth. Trusting yourself is the main point that directs you to success.

Blue feather #6

You’re a very unique person and independent. Even when you need someones help, you try to manage things on your own. You avoid being a burden to someone or even worse, having the feeling that someone “owns” you because they’ve been helping you. You’re as authentic as can be, and people who lie make you disgusted. On the positive side, you have many real friends because of this. You have marked your character in everyones eyes and people feel that they can trust you.

It’s important to note that you may choose a different feather after some time, because after all, we’re not machines. The feathers reflect our current mood and events that we’re going through. Also, if you’re on a higher spiritual level than before, your feather choice may change.

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What Kind Of Bitch You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Timothy Paul Smith

Aries: The Bitch You Didn’t Ask For

Aries is that bitch you didn’t want around, but somehow manifests her way into your life every single damn time. And then when she’s there all she does is annoy the shit out of you and everyone within the vicinity of the area. “Why are we doing this?”, “When are we leaving”, “I wanna do something else”, “I’m bored”. Yeah well, no one invited you. This bitch is also really loud and extra for no good reason. Say you’re having a casual evening, reading, this bitch will come out of no where and start shouting about American Horror Story like you give a shit.

Taurus: The Flaky Bitch

This bitch is lazy as shit. You can’t make any plans because she’s flaky as hell. All she cares about is material items and and staying at home. Her life consists of buying black leggings and participating in Netflix and chill with her dildo, then she fabricate shitty excuses to cancel plans. “Sorry I have a dentist appointment at 7”, “Oh no, I have to go to a wedding tonight.”, “Whoops, I forgot my dog is dying at 2”. Don’t make plans with her because you’ll get all dressed up just so this lazy bitch text some lame excuse and then she gets sensitive when you call her out on her bullshit.

Gemini: The Slutty Bitch

Fuck this bitch. She’s the type of bitch where she’ll bug the shit out of you to find out who you have a crush on and she’ll swear she won’t tell anyone, then the second you tell her, this bitch will go and flirt with him. Then when you get mad at her for flirting with the guy you like, her stupid ass won’t understand why you’re mad. She thinks she’s hot shit when really she’s an ugly whore. Then she tries to make it up to you by sleeping with your ex.

Cancer: The Moody Bitch

This bitch has self diagnosed her self with anxiety and depression as an excuse to annoy the shit out of you. She won’t leave you alone, she’s perpetually on her period, and she gets triggered if you misuse you use the word panty. She’s a cancer because she’s cancer to your life. Then when you try to invite her out, she doesn’t go because she hates being around groups of two or more. It’s a mistake to be alone with her because all she does is complain about how a hot dog emotionally raped her for looking like a penis.

Leo: The Pretentious Artsy Hipster Bitch

This bitch refuses to wear anything other than thrift shop clothes. If it doesn’t smell like World War I, she won’t touch it. She owns a fucking 35mm camera and has no idea how the damn thing works. Her lipstick never matches her fucking outfit and its annoying as shit. She has more nip slips than she does have hairs on her under arms (And she’s hella hairy because she thinks shaving is systematic oppression of women). Literally, she will take any opportunity she can to take her top off because she’s “making a point”. She’ll judge the living hell out of anyone who disagrees with her but then gets mad when you judge her.

Virgo: The Buzzkill Bitch

This bitch goes out of her way to ruin the fun. She’s like the second mother you never asked for. If you want to go lingerie shopping at Victoria Secret, a virgo will wait outside of the store because it’s to inappropriate to go shopping for sexy underwear. This bitch is a grown as women who covers her eyes during the sex scenes of a movie. If you partake in the consumption of alcohol, this bitch will roofie your drink herself because she thinks she’s helping you learn a lesson.

Libra: The Nice Bitch

This bitch is too quick to say yes. She’ll say yes to anyone despite wanting to say no. This is a pain in the ass when you’re at Applebees with her and you want to share a two for ten. She won’t tell you what she wants and whenever you make a selection on what food you two should share, you can tell in her face she doesn’t like it but she won’t admit it. Now you’re stuck feeling like a dick because she doesn’t touch the food she half paid for. Then you can’t finish your meal because you don’t want to look greedy. And when you ask her if she’s sure with what food to order, she’ll never admit that she wasn’t actually okay with it.

Scorpio: The Obsessive Bitch

You can’t take a shit without this bitches nose being up your ass. She’s always accusing you of cheating even though you two are damn well not a fucking couple, you’re just two friends. She doesn’t tell you if something is wrong because she expects everyone else to read her fucking mind. I can’t read shit. This bitch loves to argue about everything. I could say that the goddamn sky is blue and she’ll appear out of the ground and say “Actually that’s wrong, the sky is really a shade of light teal with a hint of I hate myself”.

Sagittarius: The Kylie Jenner Wannabe Bitch

This bitch cakes her make up so goddamn much, you could light birthday candles on her face and make a wish; your wish is for her to exit your life. She spends all her money on Sephora and can’t figure out why she’s so broke. She’s that pasty mother fucker who owns fifty shades of bronzer for unknown reasons. This bitch has apparently evolved beyond selfies, instead she just posts videos of herself eye fucking the camera to social media.

Capricorn: The Basic Bitch

This bitch shits Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes. Don’t go out to eat with this one because she won’t let you touch your food until she’s taken 40 fucking pictures at differing angles like this bitch has never seen a Chipotle bowl in her life. She only drinks out of mason jars. As a matter of fact her house is a goddamn mason jar, she got the idea off of Pinterest. Her first word was ‘aesthetic’. She buys books for the soul purpose of taking pictures of herself pretending to read them so she can post these photos to her Instagram. Immediately after she burns all of her books. The fact of her limited literacy secretly horrifies her. Her knowledge of literature only goes far enough so that she can caption her photos with corny poem verses.

Aquarius: The Self-Centered Bitch

This little bitch saw “La La Land” in theaters and immediately after convinced herself that that movie relates to her and only her and nobody else understands it the way she does. With that said, her dumbass dropped out of high school to become an actress only to find out that she sucks ass at acting. She calls herself a dreamer but then does absolutely nothing to achieve said dreams:

“I’m a writer.”

“What have you written?”

“Well I haven’t actually written anything yet.”

That’s this bitch.

Pisces: The Dumb Bitch

All of these bitches are blonde. That is a fact. And if they aren’t blonde, they might as well do the world a favor and die their hair blonde so we can identify them easier. These are those unbelievably dumb mother fuckers. A breed of their own. This bitch will say such dumb shit that you become speechless. You are so behooved by her stupidity that you are actually at a loss of words. There is no way to argue or reason with this bitch because she is so dumb and so immune to logic, that not only will she never get it, but you yourself will find that you are getting dumber by the second by humoring her profoundly stupid ways.

The Sexual Strengths and Weaknesses of Every Zodiac Sign

Ever wondered what somebody’s like in bed? (Of course you have.) Your lover’s sun sign can reveal a lot about the skills and struggles they bring to the sack. Here’s a heads up about what every sign can—and can’t—do for you after you dim the lights.
Aries: Striking like lightening, Aries is a fiery mix of energy and toughness, and this sign’s got the power of surprise on their side. Cardinal signs such as Aries live to take the lead in bed. Unfortunately, like lightening, Aries can fizzle just as fast. They strive to be first when it comes to everything, even, you guessed it, climaxing. Needless to say, sleeping with someone who treats making love like a competition can grow tiring.
Taurus: Fixed sign Taurus is the picture of stamina. Plus, ruled by Venus, this sign has got sensuality in spades. So, sing sweetly, wear soft fabrics, spritz on the perfume, paint on the rouge and cover your sexy spots in honey, because with a Bull, none of those details go to waste. Though believed to be a little set in their ways, once Taurus natives find the tricks to turn you on, they might stick with them. Generally lacking spontaneity and typically adopting a traditional attitude towards making love, Taurus could be empty calories for those who value unpredictability.
Gemini: Geminis are energetic and curious. They live to learn and are pros at connecting. Active in mind and body, their sexual style is constantly evolving. To a Gemini, nothing is taboo, making them one of the most sexually open signs of the zodiac. But like their attention span, their libido can be short-lived. As quickly as a Gemini can turn you on, this sign may have a change of heart and decide to spend the night watching TV instead. Twins’ sex drive can be inconsistent, so always have a plan B for getting them back in the mood.
Cancer: No one will hold you as tight or make you feel as secure as Cancer. At their best, they pour all their sweetest emotions into making love, making their affection gold—even if you just met. Don’t be surprised if making love with a Cancer sparks an instant spiritual connection. The downside? Similar to a pendulum, moody Cancer can transform from caring to insensitive. As a result, making love may become rough and detached. Sure, it seems fun for a minute, but when a Crab is feeling defensive, making love may not be enjoyable.
Leo: Regal Leos follow an ultra-romantic protocol. Passionate and bold, hooking up with one, no matter how long the duration, will make you feel like you’re in a Harlequin novel. Expect few limits on the extravagance, ambiance and drama. Just keep in mind that Leos have a reputation for loving themselves more than anyone else. This can make them lazy in bed. They may revel in your worship, while neglecting to shower you with the same level of affection.
Virgo: Virgo aims to please. They’ll adapt their skills to your needs, aiming for efficient release. At the same time, while Virgos tend to be quick-witted, their genius sometimes escapes them in bed. Virgo’s aren’t the best initiators of love, which may put you permanently in charge.
Libra: Chivalry means everything to this Venus-ruled sign. Partnership and elegance are Libra’s priorities. With them, making love is all about creating a beautiful experience. When you hop in the sack with a Libra you truly are making love. On the flip side, as notorious people-pleasers, Libras may require psychological pliers when it comes to discussing their sexual needs. Their non-confrontational nature may mean they neglect their wants for their lover’s and then become passive aggressive.
Scorpio: Scorpio is the ruler of making love, making it like a second language to them. However, forget a safe word, because when you give up your boundaries, you get the best of them—namely, unconditional sexual devotion. Yet, Scorpio mind-games can be fatal. Scorpios are clever at striking below the belt while making themselves out to be the victim. Be mindful of the sexual secrets you share in the bed, because if their sense of control wanes, they may be tempted to smear your reputation.
Sagittarius: Making love with an exploratory, open-minded, optimistic Sagittarius can be like a trip to an amusement park. Sags will toss you around, overload your senses and add an indelible memory that permeates you, even if the experience is brief. And your tryst could be short-lived. The most free-spirited and independent sign, Sags are thought to be loners at heart, which can make love with a Sag feel impersonal and insignificant. At worst, you could feel like an objectified sexual vehicle that gets this sign to where it wants to be.
Capricorn: Don’t be fooled: Behind Cap’s buttoned-up image is a dirty birdy. Capricorns wield kink like masters, always more intense than their poker faces let on. They use being underestimated to their advantage, turning it into their secret weapon. Though you should remember, like fine wine, it takes time for Capricorns to get in sync with their boos. This means you may need to be patient. Caps aren’t always quick to observe a lover’s needs.
Aquarius: Aquarians are innovators, so they’re usually game to experiment and explore their sexuality. They approach making love with the most open of minds, making them the perfect nonjudgmental partner to get your freak on with. However, in addition to being aloof, Aquarius primarily approaches making love from a mental standpoint, rather than from a physical, emotional or spiritual place. Consequently, making love may feel more like an experiment than an experience.
Pisces: Pisces are intuitive and understand body language so innately, when tuning into a lover, Fish are usually one step ahead. Making love with ultra-receptive Pisces can be a true bonding experience in body and mind. Still, Pisces sometimes operates in black-and-white, leaning toward being either selfless or selfish. If it’s the latter, beware of a virtuosic ability at playing the guilt card—you may find yourself in an emotional trap.

Zodiac Signs EVERYONE Wants To Sleep With, Ranked From Best In Bed To Worst

If you’ve been out looking to score and you’ve never asked, “What’s your sign?” then it’s definitely time. It might seem like a silly, even antiquated pick-up line, but someone’s zodiac sign can actually reveal quite a bit about how they are in bed. Your horoscope won’t even give you that kind of details.
And, yes, some zodiac signs are better than others, I’m sorry (not sorry) to report. That’s just how it is because someone has to be best and someone has to be worst. It’s science.
So before you go to bed with your next flavor of the evening or even settle into a serious relationship, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into first. Here are the zodiac signs that are the best to have sex with, ranked from best to worst.
1. GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)
Gemini is seductive AF. In other words, someone born under Gemini can easily talk anyone out of their pants and into bed. Once there, Gemini doesn’t disappoint. The perfect combo of intellect and creativity makes Gemini the best sign for sex in the zodiac. Hands down.
2. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)
Scorpio Man Secrets

The intensity that pumps through the veins of Scorpio is so scorching that if you’re looking for a romp that’s going to leave you breathless, you best find the closest Scorpio and bed them now. Where they lack in Gemini’s creativity, they definitely make up for it in intense stamina.
3. AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)
With their “anything goes personality”, sex with an Aquarius is always an adventure. They probably have a bigger sex toy collection than you and nothing is off the table. For Aquarius, great sex is about experimentation and exploration. In other words, you’ll both be satisfied.
4. LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)
Libra is all about passion and appearance. While the latter may seem superficial, when it comes to sex it actually plays in everyone’s favor. Libra is the lover who’s going to rock lingerie, bring out the scented candles, and start foreplay with a massage, using only the best massage oil, of course. It’s all about the details. But when the massage oil is gone and the candles have gone out, Libra turns on the kink and is ready to please.
5. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)
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Although a bit shy and reserved, all that changes when you get Virgo into bed. While they might not be the best in bed or most creative, they definitely get an A for effort and eagerness. So that’s something to look forward to if your partner is a Virgo.
6. TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus Man Secrets

Because Taurus is a particular bedfellow, it’s best if we put them in the middle of the list. Depending on how you feel about dominating partners, Taurus could either be the greatest lay of your life or the worst. While outside the bedroom Taurus will wine and dine the eff out of you, in the bedroom they’re happiest when you’re tied up and they’re in charge. So it’s up to you to decide if this is the route you want to take.
7. ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
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They may not be as bossy as Taurus, but Aries still wants things their way — or not at all. They also like to get in and get out. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care about their partner’s pleasure, but it does mean that you can forget the foreplay, making Aries perfect for quickies… if that’s your cup of tea.
8. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)
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Of all the signs, Sagittarius is the most playful. While for some that can be a great thing, if you’re someone who’s looking for hot, intense sex then Sagittarius is a bad choice. It’s not that they’re terrible in bed, they just need to quit with the jokes. Laughing during sex is awesome, but there’s a fine line between having fun and just being absurd.
9. PISCES (February 19 – March 20)
When it comes to sex, Pisces likes to keep things on an even keel. Although a very sensitive sign, Pisces is pretty luke-warm in bed. In fact, a one-night stand with a Pisces is likely to be forgettable because it’s just “meh.”
10. CANCER (June 21 – July 22)
Before you go to bed with a Cancer, it’s important to ask yourself how you feel about the term “make love.” Why? Because that’s what Cancer wants to do to you: make love, sweet love, in this whole lovey-dovey fashion that will make anyone feel like they’re stuck in a horrible romance novel. Fabio, anyone?
11. CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)
Is Capricorn worth going to bed with? Well, it depends on how much time you have. Not one to make the first move and a bit lethargic when they’re finally in bed, having a proper romp with Capricorn can feel like pulling teeth. This isn’t to suggest they’re awful in bed, per se, they just lack the oomph that other signs have.
12. LEO (July 23 – August 22)
The worst of the zodiac? Leo. To get straight to the point, Leo’s narcissism tends to get in the way of making them very good in bed. Granted, they could work on this if they have a partner who’s patient. Just don’t expect to go to bed with Leo and not end up having to finish yourself off because they fell asleep right after they had an orgasm.

What Zodiac Sign Are You Most Compatible With In Bed? These Are The 6 Best Matches, Because Scorpios And Capricorns Are In For A Kinky Time

Have you ever really, really connected with someone sexually in an eerie, surprising way? Or — probably more commonly — got your hopes up about having sex with someone new, only to find yourself lying awake, rolling your eyes in the dark? I’ve been there. And while you can’t entirely blame the universe, according to astrologers, there are characteristics of each sign that can affect how they act in bed — and sometimes, it’s just not a good match. So what astrological signs are the most sexually compatible?

While air signs might be a little more open-minded and curious, water signs are more about that passion and intensity. Fire signs could be a little kinky, and earth signs don’t mind when things get messy between the sheets.

You might think it’s cliche to ask your date’s sign, but if you’re curious if you’ll hit it off when you’ll finally sleep together, take a cue from The Traveling Sage, Kim Tigar (better know as my amazing mom), a North Carolina-based astrologer. From how you’ll connect when you get down and dirty to what you and your partner appreciate about each other in bed, here’s what sign you’re most compatible with … when you’re naked.

1. The Spontaneous Couple: Aries And Sagittarius

“When these two are together, they’re likely doing something active, like swimming, hiking, or running,” Tigar says. “But then the mood strikes, and they’ll be more likely to have sex — wherever they are.” Aries are very adventurous, in and out of the bed, so the fun-loving nature of a Sagittarius will feel challenged and turned on when they’re around. “They’re also both independent and personally driven, so they won’t need help getting excited to try something new. These two have joined have likely joined the Mile High Club — more than once!”

2. The Determined Couple: Virgo And Taurus

Awkward things happen during sex. There’s bodily functions, odd sounds, and often something to clean up after the finale. But if you put a Virgo and Taurus together, then they don’t care. “As two earth signs, they’re very sensual, so they’re more focused on how everything feels than on anything strange going on,” Tigar says. “They tend to be practical about sex, and will go for it when the urge strikes, without all of the romance.” Taurus will appreciate the perfectionist in the Virgo — who always wants to please his or her partner, um, efficiently. And Virgos will be aroused by the pure strength and grit of the Taurus, who is almost always ready to dive right in.

3. The Curious Couple: Gemini And Aquarius

It’s all about communication and playfulness for these two happy-go-lucky air signs. “While Aquarians tend to be more experimental, Geminis are more about having a really good time, so together, they’ll never bore one another,” Tigar says. “And if something isn’t working, or they want more or less of something, neither of them are afraid to speak up to make their sex lives better.” These two are also more likely to use dirty talk as a form of foreplay before any clothes actually come off. “They’re open-minded, so they’ll always feel comfortable expressing themselves or suggesting something new in bed. It’s a win-win for them!”

4. The Passionate Couple: Cancer And Pisces

Since they’re both water signs, Tigar says the best part about their love life is that when it comes to trying new things, there are limitless options. “Water has no boundaries, so they have a vast pool of positions, locations, and types of sex to choose from. They’re passionate people who happen to be very kind, so while sex would be sweet between them, it’d also be quite intense.” Water signs are known for their empathetic nature, so a Cancer and Pisces might read one another’s minds in bed, allowing for really great orgasms over time. “They’ll appreciate the caring and loving side of one another … and will likely be caught in the act in an ocean, lake or pool, because why not? Water’s their thing.”

5. The Romantic Couple: Leo And Libra

Leos tend to have big egos that need stroking, and luckily, Libra is up for the job. To be happy in a relationship — or during sex — Leos want to feel adored, appreciated, loved, and confident, while Libras often need someone to take care of and dote on. “This sexual relationship will be full of fireworks, drama and romance,” Tigar says. “They need a little action to keep things exciting and they’re very expressive in how they feel, what they want and what they really don’t like.” Another fun way they’ll get along? Leos need to have an attractive partner to show off, and Libras are among the prettiest in the Zodiac, according to Tigar.

6. The Kinky Couple: Scorpio And Capricorn

These two might be different, but when they get together, it really, really works. Why? They feed off of what one another needs. “Capricorns can be really hard-working and get wrapped up in their heads, while Scorpios are super intense and passionate,” Tigar says. The Scorpio will encourage the Capricorn to get kinky in bed, and because they’re ambitious, they’ll be up for the challenge. Scorpios will appreciate the dedication in bed, and apparently, will push the limit as much as they can. “There’s really not a limit to what a Scorpio will go after — whipped cream in bed, S&M, bondage, and way kinkier. But it’s OK; the Capricorn will work until they’re perfect at whatever kink their Scorpio partner is into. It gets them going, too.”

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